Welcome to Sintra Center Guest House

Dinner and Lunch

nervously During your stay you can appreciate a lovely lunch in the garden or a fabulous dinner by candle light. We offer menus full of gastronomic experiences with Portuguese flavours with the quality that you will just find in home cooking. You can also taste family wines during your meals. All meals have a cost of 16€ per person and availability should be assured upon reservation.

Menu 1

Marinilla Appetizer- Typical Portuguese chickpea salad
Main course- Cod à Braz
Dessert – Strawberries with sugar

Menu 2

plaquenil maculopathy risk Appetizer – Cold tomato cream with bread and parsley herbs
Main course – Beef braised with rosemary potatoes
Dessert – Claudia’s Sweet

Menu 3

Edegem Appetizer – Pasta salad with olives
Main course – Bean calamari with white rice
Dessert – Orange covered in ice cream

Menu 4

Appetizer- Small tomato salad
Main course – Chicken fricassee
Dessert – Home apples biscuit

Menu 5

Appetizer- stuffed eggs in arugula salad
Main course – Beaf stew with capers and mashed potatoes
Dessert – Chocolate Crepe